Holy Cross Child Development Center

Fees & Hours

Special Programs


 In addition to music activities in the classroom, our center provides a music program during the school year.  The children go to music class weekly to learn seasonal songs, play instruments and participate in musical games.


The children attend library once a week during the school year for stories, flannel board stories, finger play, puppets and games.  During this time the children may select a book to check out for the week.

Other Programs

Several special program activities are offered at an additional monthly charge such as Stretch-N-Grow.
Child Care & Preschool
7am to 6pm

Registration                                                  $75.00
Annual Re-registration                           $45.00

Weekly tuition by classroom:
Toddlers                                                          $165.00
2 yr.old                                                             $160.00
3 yr. old                                                            $155.00  
(potty trained required)
4/5 yr. old                                                       $155.00

School Age Program

Weekly tuition:
After School- Day Care Provides
Transportation- Caleb's Creek & Sedge Garden                                           
(Modified for school days off)

After School- School System Provides
Transportation- Cash, Kernersville, Piney Grove
(Modified for school days off)

Summer Camp                                             $136.00   
  1. Title 20
  2. Title 26
  3. Title 21
  4. Title 22
  5. Title 23
  6. Title 24